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Vehicle Wrap

The average Car, SUV, Van and PU Truck takes 24 hours to print the graphics, let them gas off overnight, laminate and trim and prep for install. Installation takes 1 day. So the average vehicle wrap takes approximately 2 days from when the art is approved to finish. Large trucks and buses double the time.

We can create a wrap from your supplied design or we can create the design for you. If we create the design we will email proofs of the design in a template of your vehicle for you to approve or make changes until you approve the design. If you choose to create your own design we can provide vehicle templates and guidance on dos and don’ts. We will also provide technical info on file formats, resolutions, allowing for bleed and programs that work best like Illustrator and Photoshop.

Although the different manufacturers have different warranties covering this, the reality is this. Factory paint jobs covering the body of the car are unaffected by wrapping. However accessory parts of the cars can be affected for example plastic and rubber parts, trim around windows that may be painted, etc.

Repeated wrapping and rewrapping can eventually take the paint off over a period of years. Non factory paint jobs that are not baked on could peel the paint. During installation we use heat to mold the material around curves so if your vehicle has been Clear Coated the heat could cause the clear coat to bubble up destroying the finish.

This can only be answered in general because it depend on the area you live desert verses coastal more mild climates, is the car parked out side all the time, how often is it washed do you wax it with non Carnauba Wax, etc. So in general the average car wrap last approximately 3 years. If cared for properly and parked inside the wrap will last many years longer. If not cleaned and cared for properly and constantly outside the will not last as long. The biggest threat to car wraps is a atmospheric condition that can occur in certain areas that little is known about called acid rain. We have only experienced a few cases over a period of years but think it is worth mentioning to protect your investment. The manufactures do not warranty for atmospheric conditions but to protect your car we have these care and cleaning instructions.

The longer the wrap or vinyl lettering is on your vehicle exposed to the sun and extreme cold the more difficult it is to remove. Generally we remove wraps every 3 years and they come off pretty easy. We use heat in the winter to remove the wrap and in the summer they come off easier because it is warmer.

That portion of the wrap can be replaced.

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