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Three Signs That You Need Transmission Repair In Pompano Beach

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Many drivers erroneously think the engine is the most critical component of their car. While the engine is vital to making your vehicle move, the transmission is also equally important. There are several warning indicators to look out for that signify you need to bring your auto in for transmission repair in Pompano Beach.

Do you have trouble shifting gears? Come to Auto Tech and Body for transmission repair in Pompano Beach

The most significant telltale sign that it’s time for transmission repair is noticing fluid leaks. Transmission fluid is paramount to making sure everything moves smoothly and without friction. If you spot a growing puddle of transmission fluid on your driveway, you should come into our shop right away.
Your car has warning lights that turn on when something in your vehicle is malfunctioning. If your car is telling you that the transmission temperature is too high, there could be a component that is not regulating the temperature correctly. If you see this warning, it’s essential to have a professional inspect all your fluid levels as well as the transmission itself.
After driving your car for so many miles, you start to become familiar with when your car shifts gears. If you notice your vehicle not shifting correctly or if there is a delay in movement you should come into Auto Tech and Body right away.

Your car’s transmission is costly, and if you notice any problem with it don’t ignore the issue. A small problem can grow into a large one which can cause complete transmission failure costing thousands of dollars. The best way to make sure your car continues to drive smoothly is to keep up with all repairs and maintenance. If you need transmission repair in Pompano Beach, drive into Auto Tech and Body as soon as possible. We will get you back on the road quickly and safely.

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