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Do I Need an Expert Car Inspection Service in Pompano Beach?

Car Repair Pompano Beach
Posted on May 5, 2017

You depend on your car, truck or van to get you where you need to go. You may not even think about your vehicle’s engine or repair needs, that is, until something goes wrong. At Auto Tech & Body, we’re here to help keep your vehicle in shape with the best repair and maintenance services. It all starts with our expert car inspection service in Pompano Beach. This service includes visual and computer inspections that can help identify a range of issues with your vehicle. If you’re ready to safely stay on the road, it’s time to schedule your car inspection service!

How often do I need car inspection services in Pompano Beach?

Keeping your vehicle in shape starts with routine care and maintenance services. At Auto Tech & Body, we’re here to help with regular car inspection services in Pompano Beach. We suggest getting a car inspection when:

  • You’re getting an oil change
  • Your check engine light has clicked on
  • You’re a year between mechanic visits
  • Your engine is making strange noises
  • You’ve noticed changes in fuel consumption

If you’re noticing changes in your car’s performance, then it’s time to stop by our shop for the best car inspection service in Pompano Beach! We can inspect your vehicle for a variety of issues with the engine, tires, back end and more. It’s a good idea to have your car inspected at each oil change to ensure everything is running at its very best.

What if your mechanics uncover issues? How does car repair in Pompano Beach work?

If our mechanics at Auto Tech & Body do diagnose any issues with your vehicle during its inspection, we’re happy to solve these issues with the best car repair in Pompano Beach! We offer the best parts, services and warranties for your vehicle repair services.

That’s right, our car repair in Pompano Beach includes warranty guarantees! At Auto Tech & Body¸ we’re proud to standby our work. We offer limited warranties for:

  • Metalwork
  • Painting, Stripes & Decals
  • Mechanical Parts
  • Parts

The warranties include differing features, you can call our mechanics directly at (954) 946-9730 to learn more about the warranty that may work with your repairs.

At Auto Tech & Body, we’re proud to offer the best services for your car, truck or van. We offer comprehensive inspections, repairs and warranties to guarantee your work. It all stars with your car inspection service in Pompano Beach. Stop by today to learn more or to schedule your inspection!

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