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How to Know If You Need Brake Repair in Pompano Beach

Brake Repair Pompano Beach

It’s very dangerous to drive around with brakes that aren’t properly working. This is why it’s important to look and listen to the signs that you need brake repair in Pompano Beach. Our team at Auto Tech & Body are here to help you determine whether you need to bring in your car or not with some common signs of brake issues! 

Do you hear sounds coming from your car when you press on the brake? 

When you hear grinding every time you brake it means that two pieces of metal are rubbing together. This will eventually create an uneven surface for your rotors and you may need to get the rotors replaced as well as the brake pads. If your brakes are making rattling or clicking sounds this could mean a number of things but rattling noises are usually created by something being loose. You should bring in your car to get a brake check and then we can go from there. 

Do your brakes vibrate when you slow down? 

If you’re slowing down or coming to a stop and you can feel vibrations this can mean that you definitely need a whole brake job. This may mean that everything has worn down and your car is in need of new brakes.  

Do you feel like your car is being pulled to one side when you’re braking? 

While this may feel like an alignment job it could actually mean a brake job or a brake adjustment. Your car is probably being pulled to one side because the brake linings are wearing off in an uneven matter. The best thing to do is get a brake inspection from our pros! 

Better safe than sorry 

Getting a brake inspection is definitely one of those “better safe than sorry” situations because if one day you have to fully brake and you can’t, you may be victim of an awful accident. Don’t wait another day when brake inspections are quick and you’ll be on the road in no time!  

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