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Everything you need to know about brake repair in Pompano Beach

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When it comes to your car your brakes are one of the most important parts in your car. Many people don’t really understand it’s purpose or why it’s so important to get routine brake maintenance and because of that, experts at Auto Tech & Body put together an everything you need to know about brake repair in Pompano Beach guide! 

 How exactly do brakes work and why is it important to check up on? 

If you already didn’t know, brakes are what makes your giant car stop and help you make turns. Your brakes apply pressure to your wheels which causes it to slow down or to stop fully. Technically speaking, when you push the brake pedal with your foot, you are activating the cylinder that helps your brake fluid get into the calipers which then in turn engages your brake pads. It’s very important to do routine checkups on your brakes because if you don’t you can find yourself in a car accident. It can be very dangerous and it can happen at the most random times! You can be going 75mph on 95 and it could happen and you could really hurt yourself if your brakes are in bad shape. The only way to know this and to keep up with your brakes is to bring it into our shop and let us do a routine brake inspection.  

What happens in a brake inspection and how often should I have one? 

The real question should be “what doesn’t happen in a brake inspection” because here at Auto Tech & Body we check all parts of your brakes! You can expect our team of professionals to check your brake pads, calipers, rotors, wheel cylinders, hardware, hoses, parking brake cables, brake fluid condition, wheel bearings, and your master cylinder fluid exchange. You should treat your car like a you take care of your body. Just like you go to your yearly checkups at your doctor, you should bring in your car for its checkup too. You probably go to your doctor checkups to make sure everything is still running properly in your body and your healthy, that’s exactly what we would be checking in your car. Whether it’s running the way it should and if it’s all in good “health” or condition.  

For all your car repair or maintenance needs visit the very best, Auto Tech & Body! 

Here at Auto Tech & Body we do more than just brake jobs such as window tinting, interval care, A/C care, rotor replacement and many other services. As far as routine brake inspections, it is definitely one of those “better safe than sorry” kind of things so if you want to make sure all is well with your brakes don’t hesitate to walk in or schedule an appointment with the very best mechanic in Pompano Beach!

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