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Brake Repair in Pompano Beach

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Posted on October 22, 2018

4 Signs Your Car Needs a Brake Repair in Pompano Beach

Your brakes are what keep you the safest while operating your vehicle. Whether it’s navigating the torrential Florida downpours or stopping you from a collision, brakes need to be in pristine shape. Coming to a smooth and effective stop could be the difference between a joyful night and a catastrophic memory. Fortunately, your vehicle will show noticeable signs of needing a brake repair in Pompano Beach.   

Squealing Breaks Indicate the Need for a Brake Repair in Pompano Beach  

Because brakes are such an essential part of a vehicle, they were designed to let drivers know when they’re wearing thin. When you apply your brakes, it should be an effortless, quiet experience. However, if the brakes squeak in a high-pitched manner, you’ll want to schedule your vehicle for a repair right away.  

Vibrations Occur When Pressing the Brakes  

The brakes are also created to send other signals when they’re low, including shaking or vibrating. Again, the experience of pressing your brakes should be a smooth one. You’ll notice the shaking brake, and there’s a good chance it means that your vehicle has warped rotors. Rotors are where the brake pads grab to come to a stop. 

Grinding Sounds when Braking  

Grinding sounds are not a good sign. It’s one of the last hints your car will give you. It means that your brake pads are extremely low and that you may even be running on the bare minimum. Unfortunately, this also means that your brake pads are grinding metal to metal, which may cost you new rotors as well. 

Give More to Receive More  

If you have to press with more pressure than usual on your brakes, it’s another sign that you need a brake repair or even a replacement. A specialized mechanic will be able to tell you if it is, indeed, a brake issue or if there is something else seriously wrong. 

At Auto Tech & Body, we’re here to help you with all of your vehicular needs in South Florida. We’re a fully staffed mechanic shop with certified technicians, and we only bring quality services, materials, and customer care. If you’re in need of a brake repair in Pompano Beach, don’t hesitate to call our automotive professionals at (954) 946-9730.  For integrity, service, and excellence, why choose anywhere else?

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